Abstract and keywords Editorial team Submitted materials format guidelines Reviewing


                                     on the procedure of review of manuscripts submitted for

                                       publication in Russian scientific-technical journal

                                  "Design and technology of electronic means" - (PTЕS)


1. Scientific articles submitted to the journal and corresponding to the journal are subject to the compulsory review for their expert evaluation.

2. Only previously unpublished manuscripts are considered.

3. The Chief Editor or his Deputy determine the compliance of the article to the journal profile, requirements for registration and send it for review to an acknowledged expert (Doctor or Candidate of Sciences) on the subject of reviewed material.

4. The manuscript is sent to the reviewer without giving any information about the authors.

5. The maximum period of reviewing from the date of receipt of the manuscript to the editorial office and up to the editorial decision making – is 1 month.

6. The review must include:

a) The correspondence of the article subject to the scientific directions of the journal "PTES";

b) The assess of the actuality and novelty of the presented work;

c) The general analysis of the scientific level, terminology and structure of the article;

g) The correspondence of used methods, techniques, recommendations and results of the studies to the modern achievements of science and practice;

d) The description of the merits and weaknesses of the article;

e) The recommendations to the author for improvement of the manuscript;

g) The reviewer's conclusions about publishing the article in the jornal "PTЕS", or about necessity of  its improvement taking into account the comments, or the reasoned refusal to publish the article.

7. The revised paper is reviewed again.

8. In case of the negative evaluation of the manuscript the reviewer should prepare the motivated refusal and convincingly base his conclusions

9. The negative review that contains a reasoned refusal to publish the article, is sent to the author.

10. After the Editorial Board decision on the admission of the article for its publication the author is informed about it.

11. The originals of reviews are kept in the journal PTЕS for 5 years and sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, upon require with fail.