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Guidelines on formatting materials submitted for the journal publication


The journal articles subjects (themes): electronic devices on the basis of new physical phenomena; materials and components of electronic devices; development, ergonomics and design of electronic devices; electronic devices modeling, computer-aided design and software; electronic devices manufacturing technology and equipment; electronic devices testing, quality control and certification; computers and microcontrollers; personal electronics; man-machine systems; specialists professional training issues in design and technology of electronic means.

The order of material submitting in the article: the UDC identifier, author(s) initials and surname, article title, abstract, text, list of references indicating the page numbers. The manuscript should be signed by all authors.

The journal is published in Russian. The text of the article is presented as the MS Word file (*.doc, *.docx). The article size is up to 10 pages.

Page settings:

   paper size – A4 (210x297 mm);

   orientation – portrait;

   only fonts Times New Roman and Symbol – size12 pt;

   line spacing – single;

   top margin – 20 mm, bottom – 20 mm, left – 25 mm, right – 15 mm.

The title and abstract are compulsory and given at the beginning of the article in the Russian and English languages. abstract volume should not exceed 200 words.

Keywords: up to 10 words in Russian and English languages.

The drawings are given in accordance with the following guidelines:

   illustrations may be included in the text file, but in addition they also must be submitted as separate files;

   They are performed in graphic editors in *.tif format files with resolution not less than 200 dpi.

   The most convenient for typographic reproduction are single column-wide drawings (~ 8.5 cm), two column-wide drawings (~17.5 cm);

   All the technical drawings, graphs and diagrams should be clearly made in the format ensuring clarity of all details and inscriptions understanding;

   Text information and symbols are removed from the picture into the article text or captions.

Tables are executed in accordance with the following guidelines:

   each table must have a number and heading

   The tables should be made compact to save space.

Formulas are given according to the following guidelines:

   They are done only with the help of Equation or MathType editors

   Formulas referred to in the text are numbered in parentheses to the right

   Decimals are typed only with the comma (for example, 0,25)

   the symbols *,', ±, etc., single letters of the Greek alphabet, oblique, or bold single letter, single variables or symbols having only the upper or lower index, units of measurement, figures in the text, as well as simple mathematical or chemical formulas (e.g. a2+b2=c2,C2H2OH) are typed in text mode without the use of Equation or MathType programs

   Mathematical formulas, shown as a separate line, should entirely be typed in MathType or Equation editor. The set of formulas consisting of the different constituent elements (partly formula – partly table, text, or embedded box) is not allowed

   The most convenient for typographic reproduction are single column-wide formulas (~8,5 cm), two column-wide formulas (~17,5 cm)

   commonly installed fonts, character size and their placement should be used for formulas typed in MathType. Forced manual changing individual characters or using the Russian alphabet in formulas and indices are not allowed.

list of references: references are provided at the end of the manuscript according to the government standard GOST R 7.0.5-2008 and compiled in the order of their appearance in the text. References in the text are denoted by the number in square brackets.

the information about the authors should contain the author’ surname, name and patronymic (in full), his place of work, the department name, the author’ position, academic degree, work address, phone number, e-mail.

For publication in the journal you must submit:

                      1      2 printed copies of the article;

                      2      information about the authors;

                      3      the expert conclusion about possibility of the manuscript publication in public media;

                      4      CD or DVD-ROM with the text of the manuscript and information about the authors in MS Word format. The file with the text of the article and information about authors can be sent by email as a zipped (RAR or ZIP archiver) files.

Materials are to be sent to the address: 600000, Russia, Vladimir, Gorky Str. 87, Vladimir State University, FREMT, Samoilov Sergey Alexanderovich, journal Executive Secretary

Phones for inquiries: (4922) 479960; 534238. e-mail: ptes_vlsu@rambler.ru

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